Collective Worship

Every day we enjoy coming together during Collective Worship. Every week we have a different focus/ theme. Children enjoy having chance to think about important questions such as: 'What does it mean to put myself in someone else's shoes ?' and 'Can we always understand how and what other people are feeling?'

We understand that many of you may be at home so we'd like you to share our weekly videos with you.

Week Commencing: 18th January 2021

Collective Worship - At home and at school

This week we introduce you to Collective Worship:

Inclusive, Inspirational and Invitational

Monday: Watch Mrs. Whitham's worship video. (To the right hand side)

Tuesday: Find images which inspire you. or that you find really interesting. This might be a person, some animals or a group of people doing something which makes you think.

Wednesday: Mrs Vernon will remind you of our whole school shared values.

Post your 'inspirational images' onto your class story.


Worship at home/school - 18/01/21
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Collective Worship:

Monday 16th November 2020: 'Being in My Shoes' 'What makes me special and a good friend?'

'In my shoes' mon 16th Nov