Phonics & Reading

Reading at Keighley St Andrews

At Keighley St Andrews, we are committed to teaching our children to become skilled readers who develop a comprehensive understanding of words, language and texts as they move through school. They learn to read and then read to learn. By using a range of strategies, our aim is to ensure that pupils develop a love of reading so that they can read for purpose and for pleasure.

Learning to Read: Early Years and Key Stage 1

Systematic synthetic phonics is taught using the Read Write Inc programme throughout Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2.

The children have a 40 minute daily phonics/reading session where they are taught ‘speed sounds’ which involves learning new sounds and reading and spelling words with them. This is followed by a reading session where children are initially taught new vocabulary linked to their book followed by partner practice. A paper copy of the same book is then sent home in addition to another book on the same colour band so that the children can practise this further. Children are regularly assessed and they are then grouped according to their ability. Weaknesses are picked up quickly and 1:1 tuition put in place so that all children 'keep up' with the pace. The children enjoy the repetitive nature of the ‘Read, Write, Inc’ programme and this also helps them when they move to different groups.

Learning to Read: Key Stage 2

Building on the way we teach reading in KS1, children in KS2 have a guided reading lesson four times a week. We use the Pearson Bug Club books to structure the teaching of reading, ensuring that all children have access to high quality texts and a range of genres. Children study the same text all week and complete a range of activities using the same structured format over the week. This builds up both their reading stamina and their comprehension skills along with an opportunity to revisit and embed vocabulary.

A love of reading

Our ultimate aim is to create a community where everyone: children, their families and staff, love reading. With this in mind, children in all year groups have a 15 minute daily class read. Children have the opportunity to vote for the text which is read to them, helping them to understand which authors and text types they enjoy most. Each class also has a ‘Reading for Pleasure’ session timetabled across the week where they have the opportunity to explore new books and take part in ‘book talk’.

Key Stage 2 Reading Text Overview

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