Remote Learning / Learning at Home

Suggested Daily Timetables

Remote Learning

We will use a blend of online and paper based learning opportunities as we recognise that not all children can access an electronic device at all times.

The timetables above provide suggested daily timetables of learning for Reception, KS1 and KS2 pupils. This document acts as a guide and the activities do not need to take place in a set order. The Department for Education (DfE) has stated that schools must provide a minimum of three hours of home learning a day for children in KS1, with less for younger pupils in Reception and a minimum of four hours a day for children in KS2.

Paper Home Learning Packs

Home learning packs are provided to all pupils who are learning at home during the lockdown period. We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. Children in Key Stages 1 and 2 are provided with Maths, English, Art, Religious Education, PSHE and Geography/Science work to complete each week. In addition to this, pupils are encouraged to complete daily basic skills practice such as times tables recall and spellings. We encourage your child to enjoy physical exercise daily this could be 'PE with Joe' or a walk with family. Pupils are expected to complete all of the work which is detailed in the learning packs. We also encourage pupils to upload images of their work to their Class Dojo page.

How will teachers assess my child's work and progress?

The completed learning packs should be returned to school on a weekly basis at the same time that the next week's learning packs are collected. Feedback can take many forms and may not always mean written comments for individual children. Teachers will provide group feedback verbally about pupil work via the daily online sessions that take place on the Google Meet platform and on Class Dojo.

Pupils will receive individual weekly 'next steps'. These will be based on the paper learning packs that have been returned to school. Reception pupils will receive their weekly next steps via Class Dojo - if parents cannot access Dojo this will take place via a phonecall. Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils will receive written next steps in their home learning packs. Worksheets workbooks/jotters will be returned in the home learning packs. Although teachers may not write a comment on every piece of work, they will look at all work and use this to formulate each pupil's next steps.

What if my child is struggling ?

Message your child's class teacher on Class Dojo and a member of staff will contact you via Class Dojo or phone. Alternatively, phone school. You can also contact your child's class teacher through the following email addresses:

Other Online Learning Opportunities

Reading: Bug Club / Active Learn - Your child has a login and password so that they can access books online and questions to show their understanding.

Read, Write, Inc - Phonics: Teachers will share phonics videos for your child to join in with

Maths - White Rose Maths:

Purple Mash:

School will also share other learning opportunities with you via Class Dojo and this page on the website.

For example: The CBBC live lessons; Oak National Academy

What if my child does not have digital or online access at home?

Please let school know if your child does not have access to an internet device at home. We are able to provide some children with these. Unfortunately the Government have not released enough for every child in school or even KS2.

It is important to note that any laptop provided can only be used for learning. In order to safeguard your child whilst they are online, they are set up with strong monitoring which alert school of any online safety issues and track which websites have been visited.

We will work with you to allocate laptops prioritising:

1 Children WITHOUT access to a device who have an EHCP (Education and Health Care Plan);

2 Families in receipt of pupil premium WITHOUT access to a laptop/tablet;

3 Families in receipt of pupil premium with several children and therefore limited access to a laptop/tablet.

All families will be considered for the loan of an internet device even if they do not fit into the categories above.

How we teach your child phonics & how you can help at home

Mrs. Hasan, our Reading Leader, explains how we teach children in Early Years and Key Stage One to read using synthetic phonics. We hope that you find our short videos presentation useful. It will help you to understand the order that 'sounds' are taught in and how we do this in school. There are 2 x videos which will help you when supporting your child with reading at home. There is also a link to a You Tube Video which demonstrates how to say the sounds which match the letters.

Parents Phonics Presentation One.mp4
Parents Phonics Presentation Two 2020.mp4
Untitled: Sep 17, 2020 9:48 AM.webm

Maths Home Learning Video

Watch the video to find out how to access the Maths Home Learning Videos.

Accessing reading books online.webm

Reading Home Learning Video

Watch the video to find out how to access your child's reading books online.

Home Learning Directory

Online learning Directory.pdf

We hope you find the above online learning directory useful. There are links to lots of websites and ideas (most do not need an email to login). Lots of ideas and links for reading, maths, PE, science and much more.

Click the link on the left to access science resources and the link below for research and home learning tips.

Have fun with the online singing programmes

The YouTube channel is accessed through

If you need an instant smile, click through to either

Bungalow (with Lucy A) -


Go Bananas -

Harry Potter At Home

A learning website of magical craft videos, fun articles, quizzes, puzzles and plenty more!

Foundation and Key Stage 1


If you click on the images above they will link to Click on the Practical Learning Pack to the left to see in a full page. There are some fab ideas which don't need alot of equipment.

Can you do 1 or 2 a day?

Key stage 1 and 2

Click on the links below to find out more and to be taken to the website / view on a full screen


Reading - KS1 and 2

Maths - KS1 and 2

KS1 and 2


Geography KS2

Whole School - Healthy bodies and minds

Whole school

KS1 Maths