Learning at Home

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Maths Home Learning Video

Watch the video to find out how to access the Maths Home Learning Videos.

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Reading Home Learning Video

Watch the video to find out how to access your child's reading books online.

Home Learning Directory

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We hope you find the above online learning directory useful. There are links to lots of websites and ideas (most do not need an email to login). Lots of ideas and links for reading, maths, PE, science and much more.

Click the link on the left to access science resources and the link below for research and home learning tips.

Have fun with the online singing programmes

The YouTube channel is accessed through www.schoolssingingprogramme.org.uk

If you need an instant smile, click through to either

Bungalow (with Lucy A) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90KzFkHaak0&t=34s


Go Bananas -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk_Wfx80zas

Harry Potter At Home

A learning website of magical craft videos, fun articles, quizzes, puzzles and plenty more!


Foundation and Key Stage 1


If you click on the images above they will link to Click on the Practical Learning Pack to the left to see in a full page. There are some fab ideas which don't need alot of equipment.

Can you do 1 or 2 a day?

Key stage 1 and 2

Click on the links below to find out more and to be taken to the website / view on a full screen


Reading - KS1 and 2

Maths - KS1 and 2

KS1 and 2


Geography KS2

Whole School - Healthy bodies and minds

Whole school

KS1 Maths