Our Shared Values

Values in Action

Recognising and celebrating those individuals and classes who put our values into action is at the heart of our behaviour policy.

Our classrooms feature Values in Action Boards which display the names of children who have been recognised by other children and adults as putting our values into action. Each week, a Values Champion is chosen. They wear the ‘Golden badge’ for a week and a special postcard is sent home.

Values Champions are announced every Friday.

Our School Values

Our chosen values are at the heart of all that we say and do at Keighley St. Andrew’s; they are values rooted in our Christian ethos and inclusive of all faiths and beliefs.


Teaching pupils about responsibility and the wider world enables them to show thankfulness and appreciation for all that they have and the world around them. Our environmental sustainability curriculum and work done in partnership with ‘Rethink Food’ allows our pupils to develop an understanding of the impact that humans can have on our world.

A strong emphasis on Religious Education, Collective Worship and Spiritual and Moral development allows our children to ask and explore ‘Big Questions’ about charity, human actions and the changing world.

Learning through experiences allows our children to have first-hand knowledge and understanding of the world so that they are truly thankful for and understanding of their local and global community.

Whilst at Keighley St. Andrew’s your child will:

Visit farms; incubate eggs and watch ducklings hatch; build outdoor shelters and dams in woodland; learn to play the Ukelele; visit the theatre; build sandcastles on the beach; watch lions feed at the zoo; go pony trekking, squeeze through caves; learn to bake and cook; dress up as Tudor Kings and Queens; experience space with Virtual reality goggles and SO MUCH MORE!


Our curriculum is rich in opportunities to enable all to make a positive contribution to the school, local, national and global community.

Our partnership with ‘Rethink Food’ allows children to develop an understanding of local and global environmental ‘sustainability’ through reducing food waste, reducing use of plastic and water.

Throughout school pupils develop an understanding of how they as individuals and as a community can be positive agents for change. For example: Our Y2 pupils design and make their own re-usable shopping bags;

Year 5 pupils, as part of the Archbishop of York’s Young Leaders Award, have planned community litter picks, led Pay as You Feel Food Stalls, written and published leaflets about the impact of food waste, advising on how to reduce it.

In Year 6, pupils apply for roles as part of school’s pupil work crew; this involves writing letters of application, being interviewed and on appointment completing jobs around our school community such as: Play Leading, Teaching Younger children to read, Librarians, Gardeners and supporting others with good manners in the dining hall.

Our school choir visits local care homes, civic centres and Keighley’s shopping Centre to sing for our community.


Our curriculum has plentiful opportunities for children to develop the skills and understanding necessary to trust and be trusted in the wider world: Our Pupil Digital Leaders lead assemblies on Online Safety for both parents and children.

Some Examples of How we Develop Trust:

· Outdoor Learning

· Y6 Workforce (Jobs around school)

· School Council

· Pupil Worship Council

· Young Leaders Award


Courage is an important value as learning new skills and making the right choice is not always easy. For our children to flourish as successful, happy and confident individuals we understand the importance of creating opportunities for our pupils to develop resilience, enquiring minds and independence. We encourage our Y6 pupils to take on new responsibilities and step out of their ‘comfort zones’ by being part of the school workforce. This involves applying for jobs, having real interviews and learning how to problem solve.

We work with a number of partners from the Police, Google, Road Safety Team, to the NSPCC and ‘Keighley Schools Together’ to equip children, staff and parents with the knowledge and confidence to keep themselves and others safe in this ever changing world.


Our behaviour policy is rooted in our children recognising when they have (and have not) shown our shared values in everything they say and do.

We place a strong emphasis on the development of oracy and vocabulary to enable children to become confident communicators and good listeners so that they can be respectful of and tolerate difference, resolve problems and show forgiveness to others peacefully.

School Values in action

School Values in Action

We comment on behaviour using the 'values language' so that children understand what each value looks like in ‘action’.