After School Clubs

This term's clubs are:

Year 4 Football - Mondays in the Hall

Year 2/3 Art and Craft - Tuesdays in the Hall

Year 6 Cooking - Thursdays in the Garden Room

Yr5/6 Multi-Sports - Fridays in the Hall

The Cookery Club members made two types of pasta bake, experimenting with different fillings in each one before tasting which one they preferred.

For dessert they made a healthy fruit salad.

The boys are in batting position in multi-sports' club.

The fielders are fully focused on catching the batters out.

Year 4 football club are doing their warm up routine before their game of football.

They run a lap of the hall for an extra minute each week to build up their endurance.

Year 6 Multi-Sports club tried their hand at badminton.

The children made unicorn models in the arts and craft club