Breakfast Club

Come to school at 8.00am to enjoy free Magic Breakfast!

We have secured support from The Magic Breakfast charity to provide a free breakfast for all children.

We provide cereal, bagels and fruit juice for free every day for all children, aged 5 years and above, who attend our school breakfast club.

Benefits of the Magic Breakfast:

  • It is free for every child
  • Children will have a calm start to the day
  • Lateness should reduce as children will be keen not to miss their breakfast
  • Children's wellbeing should benefit with that social time with their peers
  • Pupil progress should benefit as we will not have any hungry children who can’t focus on their learning and a calmer start means children are more ready to learn
  • Family time should improve as there is no rush to prepare your child's breakfast

In addition to the Magic Breakfast club, we we offer free bagels in the classroom to all of our pupils at the start of the school day