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Digital Leaders Blog Autumn Term

Our first term back at school has been a busy term packed with wonderful trips, visitors and performances. Reception went on a trip to the moon on a space rocket. They saw the planets, a spaceman and baby bear. They enjoyed a picnic on the moon of juice and biscuits. Year 1 visited Cake Ole as part of their Food Glorious Food topic. They went there to learn about different foods. While they were there, they got cookies and had blackcurrant juice. They had some cake and enjoyed looking at the ornaments on wall. Year 2 made reusable bags out of their old t shirt as part of their Refuel School topic. They did this to encourage people not to use plastic because they learn about the damage plastic can do to the ocean.

How to make a reusable bag:

  1. Cut strips of paper for handles
  2. Cut the collar out of an old t shirt
  3. Draw a horizontal line across the t shirt and tie the t shirt together using the sleeves
  4. Decorate in your own way

Year 3 visited Cliffe Castle to do an archaeological dig as part of their Rocks and Fossils topic. While they were there, they dug up fossils, learnt about different fossils and famous archaeologists. Their favourite part was pretending to be a real archaeologist. Year 5 enjoyed a virtual reality workshop where they could explore space and learn lots of interesting facts. The best part was learning about the different planets. Year 6 went to Ingleborough and had lots of exciting experiences such as caving. Their favourite activity was movie night.

This week most of our pupils have been taking part in different nativities which have been magnificent! Nursery sang lots of songs, danced as angels and one child was even the star. The Nursery children have also been learning about Christmas in their provision. Year 4 performed their play at the shared Church, they really enjoyed it and were really proud of themselves because everyone liked the dance.

We are really looking forward to next term!