Meet the Team

Mrs Feeney

Reception Teacher RF

Mrs Mooney

Reception Teacher RM

Mrs Ashcroft

Nursery Nurse

Miss Haley

Early Years Practitioner

The children in year 5 shared stories with reception children as part of World Book Day.

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We visited the postbox to send postcards to our families that we had written. We learned that the queen is on our stamps and that without a stamp or an address a letter will not reach its destination. This helped us learn about People and Communities.

Shapes are everywhere! In reception we became shape detectives and hunted for shapes inside and out. We found squares, triangles, circles, rectangles and even hexagons!

The Tell Tale Hearts Theatre Company visited Reception to take us on a trip to space. We went on a rocket to the moon and even met an alien called Flid.

As part of our topic on 'People Who Help Us' we were very lucky to have a visit from our local PCSO Robert Fox. He came in and answered lots of questions about what policemen do and how they help our community. He even let us try on his hat!