Year 3

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Miss Pearce

Year 3 Teacher 3P

Mrs Woodcock

Year 3 Teacher 3W

Mrs Parveen

Mrs Saib

Teaching Assistants

Y3 Curriculum map
Creative archaelogy Stone Age workshop yr3

World Book Day

Children in year 3 shared their favourite stories with year 2

3S Class Worship

3S explained everything that they had learnt about being an archaeologist. We learnt about the tools archaeologists use to excavate objects buried underground, which help people learn about the past

Year 3 visited Bradford Industrial Museum as part of the schools linking project. They met a year 3 class from the Academy at St James' Primary School whom they have been exchanging work with throughout the year. The children enjoyed working alongside their new friends completing a variety of activities around the museum. We are all very excited to meet our new friends again!

During the first week of the term, year 3 visited Tropical World in Leeds. They had lots of fun learning about the rainforest and the animals that live there.