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Keighley St Andrew's C Of E Primary School

Our Autumn Journey.

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As part of our seasons learning we worked in small groups to sort images into the right seasons to see what we could remember. We needed to think about whether we agreed or disagreed with each other and why. 

Autumn 2 Topic web 

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Autumn 2 

In Art this half term we are exploring sculpture. Our hook lesson was super exciting and we were able to show case our creative skills and our problem solving skills. We looked at the work of Eva Rothschild and Jill Townsley. We used marshmallows and small straws in the style of Eva Rothschild and we used wooden cutlery and rubber bands in the style of Jill Townsley. 


It was amazing to see how well the children worked together and their level of resilience. Everyone created a sculpture and had a fabulous time showing each other what they had created!

working together



We have been exploring different sculptures and sculptors and we have been creating our own with salt dough. First we designed some ideas in our sketch books and then thought about which ones we realistically might be able to create. We will be creating paper sculptures too to experience and reflect on different ways of being creative!

making salt dough sculptures 


Whilst finding the pulse of the music we have also been exploring following instructions and starting and stopping before we learn to play our instruments. 


We designed our sculptures and thought hard about which designs would be able to be successful in being 3D. We thought about whether we wanted to make a particular object or if we wanted it to be abstract. It was great fun working with the salt dough and we needed to be resilient because some of our designs needed to be changed as our first ideas were tricky!


We worked in partners to decide which conjunction we should use to join our sentences together. We had to read the sentence, find the second part of the sentence to match it and then decide whether it was and or but (Year 2). Year 1 had to read the sentence, find the second part of the sentence and and the and. We read it with our partner to make sure it made sense. 


We worked really hard getting creative and making our paper sculptures. We had to think about colours, size, shape and how to make it 3D!


We have been exploring the Nativity story and have been retelling it and discussing the characters and why the Nativity is important to Christians. We worked together to sequence the story. 


In computing we have been looking at the work of artists and recreating pictures using shape and colour. We thought hard about what tools we would need to use.


Learning the Glokenspiel! WE used our fingers to find and follow the notes to begin with and then we had to think hard about using the beater to hit the right notes!