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Advances in technology in the last 30 years have impacted every aspect of life in the 21st century.
At Keighley St. Andrews, we understand that technology will play a significant role in our student’s lives. We recognize that our students will be using technology in the future which has yet to be invented. For this reason, we want to equip our students not just with the ability to use current technology but also the ability to adapt to change.
Not only do we want our students to be able to use technology, but we want them to be able to use it thoughtfully and safely. We want our students to be responsible digital citizens who are able to acknowledge the risks involved when using technology and understand how these can be prevented.


Curriculum Construction:
As a school we use the ‘Teach Computing Curriculum’ to deliver our computing lessons. This curriculum has been developed by the NCCE (National Centre of Computing Education). It has been created by subject experts, using the latest pedagogical research and teacher feedback. It is built around an innovative progression framework where computing content has been organised into interconnected networks. We have adapted the curriculum in order for it to suit our school.

Curriculum Coverage:
TCC is a spiral scheme which builds on prior learning. Some good examples of progression are:
• In KS1 pupils learn the basics of digital photography and then build on this in LKS2 when they apply this to editing their own digital photos.
• CS concepts are taught in a systematic, logical way based on their complexity - i.e. sequencing and repetition in LKS2, selection and variables in UKS2.
• Within the data handling strand, pupils start by learning about simple grouping of data and pictograms, then move on to databases before finally more complex spreadsheets in UKS2.

We have created a 2 year rolling cycle; 

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